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Column:Common sense of freight Time:2018-04-19

Bulk description: shipping bulk, English : Less than a container load Referred to as LCL,   with the improvement of quality of life, more and more people are not satisfied with the monotonous domestic market and chose overseas, such as overseas shopping, sending their own items with local characteristics and so on. Bulk cargo does not have the limitations of counterfeit goods. Cargo goods are counted in terms of cubic numbers, and the weight space is limited. Low sea freight rates and other factors are becoming more and more choices for households.

The market factors of LCL exist: 

(1) Small cargoes; Bulk cargoes are billed by volume, and prices are more advantageous.

(2) Sporadic purchases; the number of bulk cargoes is limited, and the number of cargoes is more freely chosen.

(3) Special merchandise; bulk cargoes are not convenient for bulk cargos;

(4) Samples; Samples are sent to the entire cabinet for waste, air freight is too expensive, and bulk goods are more cost-effective.

(5) After-products; cabinet goods are not loaded and not enough for the entire cabinet bulk cargo distribution cost-effective.

The overall process flow of bulk cargoes is as follows:

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