Core values

Create classics, serve the first, be good at communication, and take people as the foundation.

We should use our actions, efforts and team strength to create classic enterprises, create excellent teams, and provide efficient and high-quality services to our customers.

Transcend the ego and transcend the opponent.

In the transcendental atmosphere, we constantly innovate and continue to surpass with the drive of innovation. This makes Ocean Weatch always maintain its vigorous vitality, and it is also the driving force for Ocean Weatch to move forward forever.

service range

International shipping business

International air SALES

Bulk general charter business

Double clearance tax to the door

Professional advantage

Container export advantage routes

North American routes
Shenzhen Ocean Wealth international logistics co., LTD. In Canada, the United States has several companies and agents to provide the United States and Canada container transportation services. Can provide customs clearance, trailer transport delivery of a dragon service. To establish a "smooth, fast, safe and systematic" service for you and your customers.

Container trailers and customs clearance services

Shenzhen Ocean Wealth international logistics co., LTD in guangdong province has more than cooperation customs broker, and the team has more than two hundred vehicles of cooperation, can provide different types of trailer transport and import and export customs clearance service to satisfy different suppliers.

Marine import transport service

Shenzhen Ocean Wealth international logistics co., LTD. Has been expanding for many years, and now it has become a global import and export transportation network. A secure, speedy and comprehensive bridge for global buyers and sellers. In particular, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and southeast Asia region of Marine and combined transport services.

Warehousing and inland transportation

As a professional freight representative company, our company in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Kunming have professional truck and trailer the team cooperation, can provide 3 to 12 tons of van, container truck, etc, to provide you with services such as transportation, loading and unloading, and delivery of the goods of all kinds of warehouse.

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