United States Shuangqing to the door to pay attention to some points
Column:Common sense of freight Time:2018-04-19

 With the development of the logistics industry, circulation is more and more convenient. Guests sitting at home can send goods directly to foreign destination guests. This cannot be separated from the port of origin. The strong port clearance ability of the destination port serves the general daily commodities. This is no longer a problem. The choice of shipping Shuangqing to the gate is mainly due to low freight costs, which takes about 14-16 days on the west coast and 26-30 days on the east coast , plus the clearance time for customs clearance is almost days.

     Everyone must pay attention to the goods that go to the United States. All of them need to declare ISF. Many consignees do not have import and export rights, and they have no experience in this area. The agency company can do the ISF application on behalf of them . The declaration process requires the purchase of BOND (a local tax in the United States. ), The one-time BOND cost isabout USD100-150 , and the importers who often do import and export will buy BOND for a year , which is more cost-effectivethan the single BOND price. Individuals think that the overall US tariff is not high, 2-3W. The total value of the U.S. dollarvalue-added tariff will also add up to a tax of US$ 2-300 , which is still a certain advantage over our country of heaven. In addition to applying for additional ISFs , the United States also needs to declare AMS AMS requires the consignee to display the final consignee instead of the agent's information. Therefore, the bill of lading information must be clearly identified, otherwise a change AMS will be generated. The costs of bills of lading are both unnecessary expenses.

     Also if it is related to food, medicines, or with the Food and Drug contact categories of products, the United States there is a need to declare in advance FDA , the product needs to obtain FDA certification before they can export, or can not customs clearance after arrival, if you have received FDA certification then we need to declare the shipment when it FDA , there is aFDA filing fees USD50.

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