The password for the container
Column:Common sense of freight Time:2018-04-19

Container (Container), usually we call it "container", refers to a large load container with a certain strength, stiffness and specifications for the use of turnover. There are many types of containers and their uses are very different. Today we come to chat, we may not be aware of the small details.


     -  Box No.    - Container No.

  (Container box number for shipment of exported goods)

  Standard container box number is composed of 11-digit code


  Includes three parts


  The first part consists of 4 English letters. The first three codes mainly describe the owner and operator, and the fourth code indicates the type of container.


  The second part consists of 6 digits. It is the box registration code used for the unique identification of a container box.


  The third part is the check code, which is obtained from the first 4 letters and 6 digits after the check rule operation. It is used to identify whether an error occurred during the check. The 11th digit.

  Box shape

  What are the common container sizes and cases?

  20GP , 40GP and 40HQ are the three most commonly used containers


  Common container types

  8 common containers and codes ( 20 feet as an example)

  1 ) Dry container: box code GP ; 95 code 22G1

  2 ) Dry goods high box: box type code GH ( HC/HQ ); 95 yards 25G1

  3 ) Hanging clothes box: box code HT ; 95 code 22V1

  4 ) open top box: box code OT ; 95 code 22U1

  5 ) Freezer: box code RF ; 95 code 22R1

  6 ) cold high box: box code RH ; 95 yards 25R1

  7 ) Tank box: Box code TK ; 95 code 22T1

  8 ) Frame box: box code FR ; 95 code 22P1

  20- foot, 40- foot, and 45- foot details are as follows

  to sum up

  Observe it carefully and find out the "law"?

  1 ) The first letter of the box code is " G ", which are ordinary containers (normal boxes and clothes boxes, freezer boxes, frame boxes and other special boxes are relative), because G is the General , said ordinary, general, generic.

  2 ) The second letter of the box code is " H ", both are high boxes, because H is High , which means high.

  3 ) The first digit of the 95- yard code is 2 for 20 feet, the beginning for 4 is 40 feet, and the beginning for L is 45 feet.

  4 ) 95 code for the second digit is 2 non-high tank ( 8.5 feet tall); for the 5 high tank (a 9.5 feet tall) - pay special attention to this, 5 do not represent 45 feet as 40HQ of 95codes For 45G1 , this is very easy to mistakenly think that is the 45HQ cabinet, in fact, 45G1 refers to 40HQ .