Ocean wealth international logistics Co. LTD. Is an international freight forwarding company approved by the Hong Kong transportation authority in 2008.

Shenzhen Ocean wealth international logistics co., LTD., founded in 2011, is the level of international freight representative company, national ministry of transportation approved the non-vessel shipping business aptitude of nvocc, specialized in international shipping containers, refrigerated cabinets, flat BanGui, bulk ship freight and international air freight business. Orgnaization of company mainly export goods shipping contracts, packing, space booking, storage, transshipment, customs clearance, commodity inspection and other international transport agency business, and to provide transportation information, organize the goods collection of dredging port transportation services. The company has a strong agent system and branches and offices. Especially for the local export operation is very skilled, strong ability of solving the problem of processing business, can provide each port exports to Europe, North America, southeast Asia, Australia, Indonesia, India and Pakistan in the Middle East and other regions of the DDU, DDP services, provide door service, barge service, the EX - WORKS to pay for the service. It can also provide logistics distribution services from the above areas to China. The company has maintained a good long-term 


strategic cooperative relationship with the major shipping companies, has the advantage of the contract price, the route covers the whole world, can directly charter the ship booking. In particular, it has certain advantages in terms of water and land combined transport, sea railway transportation, sea and air transportation, etc. The company has a modern enterprise management, has experienced, well-trained, business skilled professional team, with all my heart to provide you with the most appropriate solutions, the most professional Suggestions and most reliable services. Perfect internal management, smooth working process, super service consciousness, is the most competitive guarantee. Since its establishment, the company has established the goal of providing logistics service for international small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, the company has a large number of high-quality logistics customer resources. The price is absolutely guaranteed, and the shipping space is guaranteed. We will provide you with full satisfaction, whether it is preferential price or VIP service. You are welcome to make an inquiry at any time!

corporate culture

corporate culture

Service tenet:

create classic, service first,

good at communication, people-oriented.

With our actions, efforts, team forces to create the classic enterprise, to build a good team, to provide customers with efficient, high-quality services.


Enterprise spirit:

surpass ego, surpass opponent.

Constantly innovate in the transcendental atmosphere, and continuously surpass it under the drive of innovation. This has kept the strong vitality of haixiang, which is also the driving force for haixiang to move forward forever.